Our counsellors are recruited from all walks of life and are fully qualified and experienced in working with young people. All have worked with the YPSN for several years and have counselled young people with a wide variety of issues.

They are all members of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) under whose codes of ethics and guidelines for counselling practise they work, and are supervised by a senior therapist.

The counsellors are not here to tell you what to do or to judge you.

They can help you work through any decisions, actions or choices you might need to make and help you to find your own solutions and develop the resilience to face whatever life throws at you.

Although you may find it a little strange or scary talking to someone you don’t know about your concerns at first, especially if you’re feeling anxious or unused to expressing yourself, people tell us that this changes after a few sessions as you become used to having a private space of your own to vent and offload anything that’s bothering you.

“I felt that it was my “Me time” and I could get a lot off my chest without being judged”

Counselling provides you with a safe, private space in which to talk about anything. It may be some current distress that you are experiencing or something that has happened in the past that you are struggling to be free of and feel unable to move on with your life or it can simply be a loss of purpose or direction. Nothing is too large or too small to bring to counselling.

Bottled up feelings such as anger, fear, embarrassment, anxiety, guilt or loss and sadness can become very intense, and the opportunity to talk about them to someone who isn’t a close family member, friend or partner, can often make these feelings easier to understand and lead to improved communication with others.

The type of counselling provided at the YPSN is person-centred, which means that you can decide how much counselling you need to have at any one time. You will be offered up to six sessions at first, after which time you will be able to choose how many sessions you feel you need in discussion with the counsellor.

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