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Positive Reframe for managing anxious thoughts

If you find you are focussing on negative thoughts associated with ‘staying at home’ and ‘the lockdown’, it’s time to practice a technique called the ‘positive reframe’, Use the chart below to help Time to deal with your negative thoughts by finding a positive… Continue Reading “Positive Reframe for managing anxious thoughts”

Focus your energy on things you can control

Do this especially now. There is so much going on around us, and so many things that we could control and influence which right now we can’t, it is important to ‘reset’ and ‘redraw’ our vision and reach. Starting now think about only the… Continue Reading “Focus your energy on things you can control”

YPSN Update

During these extraordinary times, and taking into account the precautions we all need to be aware of, the YPSN has moved all its counselling and lifecoaching work online. We are still operating and able to work with you so please do get in touch… Continue Reading “YPSN Update”